1. Jewel Rich Batsford 2:05
  2. Namaste Rich Batsford 6:13
  3. So Steve Rich Batsford 2:40
  4. Completion Rich Batsford 6:16

My debut album, a collection of piano solos leading from a gentle opening through beguiling and meditative territory to moments of powerful climax and resolution.

  •  ”An enchanting weave of minimalist movement … a flowing melodic soundtrack.  With a personality as bright as Amsterdam in full bloom—it’s very easy to feel the joy resonate from such an organic work that creates its very own delicate ambience …  immensely passionate with finely tuned elements of strength.” Read the whole review at Igloo Magazine
  • “blossoming, mellifluous debut … beautifully laconic scenes and plaint melodic expressions of thoughtful reflection … never threatens to lose the listener” Read the whole review at Monolith Cocktail
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Valentine Court

Band : Rich Batsford
Title : A Moment of Freedom
Release Date : June 27, 2017
Catalog ref. : MFLN001