The good guys at Bandcamp have introduced a cool new feature where you can purchase an artists full discography (in my case, three albums) in one go, as digital downloads.  Given the time of the year, I thought it would be nice to offer a temporary 50% discount.

So, if you would like to own Valentine Court (beautiful solo piano pieces), Mindfulmess (inspiring songs) and In the Moment (relaxing piano improvisations), then please visit my bandcamp page and click on the links to any one of my albums.  There you will see the icons for all three albums, with a ‘Buy Now’ button just beneath.  The seasonally discounted price is $15 Australian, which is around £7 or $11 US – so basically, just about the cost you will often pay for one album!

Beneath, there’s a ‘Send as Gift’ option, so if you already have one or more of my albums, and like them, why not make a present of them to a friend who might appreciate them?

Oh, and there is also an option to pay more if you’re feeling kind and want to support me in my music making.

I hope you agree this is a great deal and feel moved to take advantage of it.  Once the festive season is over, the full discography will still be available, but I’ll reduce the discount down to 25%.

For now, warm wishes, and Happy Holidays!



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