"emotional solo piano and thoughtful, inspiring songs"

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Piano Music and Songs

Here are my three albums, I think you’ll find them relaxing and rewarding listening. You can download them or order a CD right here from my music store below, or go direct to iTunes

Download some Music:

My new album released Sept 2014 is In The Moment, a collection of 10 solo piano improvisations. Artists often talk about “getting out of the way” of the creative process, so Ive taken that to its conclusion; by composing and recording in real time. I’m really pleased with the results, some people are saying its my best music yet.

The meditative and relaxing Valentine Court features relaxing contemporary solo piano tinged with classical influences – elegant, simple, beautiful and very easy to enjoy.

Mindfulmess, my album of songs, combines engaging melody with warm, gentle vocals, thoughtful lyrics breathtaking harmonies and sensitive piano accompaniment.

Please go ahead and experience the pleasure of acquiring some delightful and timeless music, knowing you also have my sincere gratitude for supporting my music making.

  “prepare to be blown away, this album is a joy from beginning to end … phenomenal harmonies”

Your Music Blog

“a collection of songs about life, love and everything inbetween … tailor made for the kind of meditation and reflection that, lets face it, most of us could do with these days”


“the entire time I was listening to this stunning album I felt a sense of happiness. A relaxing and at times a profoundly beautiful moment in time for the listener.”

Rebecca Johnson

“utterly spell-binding”

Birmingham Post

Alternatively, if you dont fancy buying an album today, then there’s no need to leave here empty handed, you can:

download three free tracks

“blossoming, mellifluous debut … beautifully laconic scenes and plaint melodic expressions of thoughtful reflection … an ear for a good tune that never threatens to lose the listener”

Monolith Cocktail

“A frequently thrilling first solo foray into the studio. Winding repeated melody patterns into heartbreaking shapes, packing an emotive punch … a rich and varied outing from a talented composer.”

Bearded Magazine

“A perfect accompaniment for candelit relaxation. Meditative, unpretentious and reflective”

Brum Notes

“it’s very easy to feel the joy resonate from such an organic work … immensely passionate with finely tuned elements of strength.”

Igloo Magazine