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A lovely busking story

Rich Busking SemaphoreSo as I recently mentioned on this blog, Ive been busking a bit recently.  As you might imagine, playing on the street is an interesting experience – Im still pretty new to it, but already witnessed some great moments.

The other day I was packing up my kit around 2pm, contemplating a long walk with heavy kit back to the van and the drive home – looking at no lunch til mid afternoon – when a lady comes up to me says she loved listening to my music and is sorry she hasn’t any money, but would I like a sandwich?

She offers me one of her sandwiches, which I gratefully accept explaining that Ive had no lunch yet and we chat for a little while, noting how lovely it is when someone just pops up with exactly what you’re needing. She heads off and two mins later pops back with another sandwich saying ‘this ones from my sister!’

I finish packing up and eating my free lunch and head off back to the van full of wonderment, well nourished in body and soul.

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