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The Beautiful Stories of Adelaide Buskers

I recently made my debut on the streets of Adelaide as a street musician aka the noble art of busking.

Through meeting some of the others buskers in the area – a very community-minded and welcoming bunch, I heard of a series of short films made by local film make Dan Hamilton highlighting the stories behind the faces of some of the buskers who frequent Rundle Mall.

Its a beautifully shot series featuring interviews full of warm stories and love affairs with music intercut with live footage capturing some wonderfully poignant moments on the streets.

I contacted Dan who was still working on the series and he asked to film my very first busking experience (as a solo artist that is – there was a time many years ago when some friends of mine and I busked for an afternoon in London as an a capella band).

You can see the resulting film here to find out what happened,  but better still, click here or on the above image to go to the home page for the series and have a look through the stories of some of Adelaide’s seasoned busking pro’s.

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