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A mounting mountain of music

workIve been taking some time in the last few days to go through the musical ideas I currently have saved into the memory of my digital piano and cataloguing and assessing them for future use.

I knew I had quite a few ideas saved up for the future, but I didnt realise quite how many!

In addition to the two albums Ive released already, I have a further 32 finished pieces, 46 ideas which I plan to turn into pieces, 13 new songs (tho most of them still need lyrics writing) 48 shorter (or weaker) ideas which I plan to turn into pieces for licensing into movies, 7 ideas saved for a planned album of piano and cello, 3 short cues and ten others I couldnt decide about for now.

In total, that means 159 new little ones on the way! Im going to be a proud and busy parent for the next few years. :) Now if I can just figure out a way to earn some kind of income from it all …

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