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End of an Era

2016-11-27-22-20-20-2An absolute pleasure to be a part of the final concert of the St Cecilia School of Music last night and honour the generous life and career of Guido Coppola who has given so much to the musical life of Adelaide. Congratulations Maestro and best wishes for a long and happy retirement.

Blue Boy after Almost Blue

On Friday, I watched Almost Blue, the movie about Chet Baker, and afterwards, recorded this. Inspired by the mood of the movie, the sense of the man and the beautiful solo tones of his trumpet playing. Its a mellow and moody feel, with some more jazzy chords than I usually use.  Hope you like it.

Beautiful Piano, Beautiful Compliment

This lovely old Piano was my workstation yesterday evening, at a private party in Adelaide . I got the loveliest compliment from one of the guests too “listening to your music, I feel like I’m falling in love with the world all over again.”

Orlando’s Bloom – a tribute to the fallen

Candle_flame_(1)Like many people, I’ve felt deeply touched by the tragedy that took place in Orlando and the other similar incidents in recent years. Its hard to know how to respond. There’s petitions to sign and I’ve spent a good while on the internet having conversations where I encourage people to try and see past their prejudices and fears, with a keen eye to further examining my own. Just little things, but what else can I do to make a change?

In the end, it happened, and we can’t change that, so there has also to be some kind of acceptance. Perhaps also we can take it as a spur to live our lives ever more deeply, with more commitment and most of all, with more love. To some extent, whatever we do is our answer – to continue to invest our energies in the things we love and believe in and to try and relate those things as best we can to our highest goals and ideals.

To that end I want to share this piano improvisation which I recorded with the differing feelings of grief, despair, love and hope all swirling around. As a tribute to those lost in this particular tragedy, especially the young, I’ve titled it “Orlando’s Bloom”.

Fusing Visuals with Sound for Piano Illuminato

March for Marriage Equality

11378000_888667681204818_1776696774_nMy partner Lyndall and I are heading into Adelaide city today for the Marriage Equality march.

It might seem like an odd choice for a couple who’s longevity is living proof that you don’t need to get married to be happy! But, its not about marriage really is it? Its about choice, about fairness, the absence of bigotry, about kindness, and about truth. Because the simple fact is that people should not be discriminated against for something they can do nothing about (their sexuality) and perhaps more importantly than that, do not have any reason to do anything about!

I stand to be corrected, but so far as I can tell, the only problem with being gay is our society’s reaction to it. And that, of course, is why we march.

One Love! x

Love and MercyIts been an emotional couple of days having watched Love and Mercy a biopic about a very remarkable guy who had a huge impact on my life.

For people who know me only through my piano music, it may be a surpise, but Brian Wilson, formerly of The Beach Boys, is probably my personal favourite musician of all time. Im thrilled to say I think its an amazing movie (as do the critics) and I thoroughly commend it to you.  Whether you’re into Brian’s music or not, its a fantastic study of an artist and his life.

To celebrate, Ive put together a Spotify playlist featuring the most beautiful tracks right from the start of the Beach Boys output, through their most creative period in the mid sixties through early seventies and right into Brian’s more recent solo work.  I’ve left off the many more upbeat and poppy hits, but you probably know them already. Instead, if you fancy a two hour trip through lush imaginative, almost orchestral arrangements, brilliant melodies and of course, breathtaking harmonies, then do please enjoy this play list.

A while ago, on my song album, Mindfulmess I released my own tribute to Brian Wilson, a cover of his lovely and touching I Just Wasnt Made for These Times, joined with my own song in reply – Guessing Again. Its here if you fancy a listen 🙂

A strong dream and a try at interpreting it.

DreamA couple of days ago I had this very strong dream:

I was journeying along, as part of an expedition and discussing how dangerous it was.

Other people had got into trouble in this land because the tide would turn and the plain would become flooded with water. The only way forward then was to swim.

Then we saw these amazing beasts, like dinosaurs, heading deep and further into the wilderness. Some wanted to turn back, others to follow them, to drill down into the ground and capture them.

Next I’m walking along a path in a forest and I meet this towering hooded figure. I know that this is what people are afraid of in this place, but also that they misunderstand its nature. I bow my head, opening up my arms a little and say ‘Kill me’.


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